It is so glad that ACL-Korea will host 2009 Asian Contemporary Music Festival in Tongyeong and Seoul. For this occasion, we have a theme to organize the festival accordingly. The theme of the ACL festival is “TONG”. In Korean, “Tong” means to connect, to understand, and etc. For those who are familiar with Chinese, if we write it down in Chinese character, you will understand easily. We’d like to “TONG” through trans-generation and trans-continent, with open mind and open communication, by introducing new trend and new media, by gathering of music and gathering of people.
The festival brings an attention to whole new works of music, which can bind people’s mind with music and culture, through widely open philosophy beyond ages, fashion, and regional barriers. Music should be something that can break down the wall between one’s and another’s, and that build broad airways to enable free waves of communication to fly over the borders. Music should be what jumps over the limits of time and place, with the help of media and new vocabulary.
The festival officially starts in March 27, 2009 and ends April 2, 2009. It will take place in Tongyeong and Seoul. For the 2009 festival ACL-Korea will co-host with Tongyeong International Music Festival which is founded for the memory of late Isang Yun.
To run the festival with high artistic level, we have a call for scores in seven categories; three-wind-Orchestra, chamber orchestra, string quartet, chamber ensemble(1-16 players), Choir or vocal ensemble, electro-acoustic music, live electronics, and percussion ensemble. The submission due is in June 30, 2008. It is an arrival date not a post-stamped date.
We plan to have a local shamanistic ceremony, called “Byelshingut”, which is for wishing a safety and luck for departing fishermen. The TIMF invites München Chamber Orchestra for opening concert. They invited the orchestra last year and received very good review. Since the conductor is specialized in interpretation of Isang Yun’s music, the orchestra gave quite a good impression on their contemporary music performances as well as traditional repertoires. For the closing ceremony, we cooperate with Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra’s “Ars Nova” series, which introduces contemporary music to general audience. So as a part of the series, SPO will perform Asian composers’ music.  We will post about more detailed concert schedule when it will be decided.
Again, it is our honor to host ACL Conference and Festival in 2009 in Korea, and we are looking forward to seeing you there. Thank you!

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